Nydiarose Vario

There is no denying the fact that Jean is beautiful.. but she has one personality too! Jean is one of those genuine bubbly and loving people that you just can't help but be happy around. Plus one time she trusted me to drive her boat and it was really cool.

Viviana Cardona

Nydiarose Vario

Essentially, Viviana and I had ten months to build a friendship. From the day we met, we became family. It was the two of us girls, from two different countries with a language barrier we would soon beat due to my fast paced talking and Viviana's determination to learn the great Long Island accent. (Her favorite american word?; SAUSAGE… most loved when pronounced by my mom, but that's a story best told in person.) 

When Viviana comes to NY it's as if we had never spent a day apart. I always get my [favorite spanish] word in edge wise ---- estacionamiento ---- and we laugh in spanish the entire time we are together (because laughing in spanish is SO much better than laughing in english, I promise) jajajajajajaja. 

To my Vivis --- I LOVE YOU! My top person, my big sis, my MEXICAN PRINCESS <3

PS, She is just as an amazing photographer as she is a human being www.vivianacardona.com


Nydiarose Vario

Another year has gone by and Mia is officially three years old. This past year she has conquered the big girl potty, learned that shoes and clothes are better than toys, manicures are a must and she's developed an attitude like no other. She is by far my favorite person to argue with.