In Home Sessions

Nydiarose Vario

“Sunset on the beach? I’m thinking more rustic/woodsy. How about that small town vibe? “

Yes, I am talking about choosing your sessions location. Unless you have a super sentimental place, this is always going to be a question that is not easily answered. Maybe you want to go with the super trendy coffee shop engagement session. Maybe you are obsessed with overgrown fields of sunflowers. Or maybe you just don’t see the beauty in your own home.

When winter season hits, location options are minimized as New York weather is hardly bearable. (Though, I am keeping my fingers crossed for at least one session of snowy bliss!) —— As I push in home sessions, I think more and more that people are afraid of this idea -—-The place you are most comfortable —Literally the place you call home.

So, Invite me in. It’s as simple as sitting together in front of the fire place.

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