Happy Vday!

Nydiarose Vario

I bet you can’t even tell it was 37 degrees not including the windchill. But, how could you be so cold when your heart is so warm?

My subjects always vary. I shoot primarily weddings on the weekends. I could never turn down a newborn shoot. And my senior sessions are so much fun. With the occasions varying, it would be easy to ask “what is your favorite thing to photograph?” I get that question a lot, especially from other photographers. But to me, its a very hard question to answer. All of my shoots are so special. And all of my shoots are capturing the happy. It’s too hard to choose. One thing I will admit.. there’s something a little extra in shooting “announcements”. I get to be in on the secret before anyone else.. I get to keep that secret just a little bit longer! Because announcement sessions are a surprise posted to social media, my art gets to help tell their story —- then I see firsthand the reactions they create, the outpour of congratulations and joy. This is what makes my heart warm!