Nydiarose Vario

I’ve started off 2019 focusing on one thing organization. Decluttering, straightening, throwing away *chachkies* and handing over 3 full garbage bags full of clothing to the church. Buying three calendars to keep track of my work life and social life and any life I have left in-between for laying in bed. I mean “busy season” really did get the best of me. I was trying to do the math and in 2018 I took on over 40 weddings and just under 90 sessions. Seriously, that sounds crazy to me. Can you imagine all of that insane energy? All of the surprise announcements, all of the new babies, every first kiss! So much to smile about and at and with.

2018 brought me so much. So many new beautiful faces to photograph and laugh with. So many new places to see. One amazing human who made me understand my talent and worth in a way I couldn’t see on my own.

In June, with the motivation of the people in my life, I started an instagram strictly for my photos. No buying bots or followers, just posting whenever I could find the time. My main priority this year is to #bettermybusiness. I plan to really buckle down and focus on sharing way more often. That being said, what better way to attempt this blogging thing than with my instagrams top nine! With 7,568 likes and less than 100 posts, I will happily leave this here.