Viviana Cardona

Nydiarose Vario

Essentially, Viviana and I had ten months to build a friendship. From the day we met, we became family. It was the two of us girls, from two different countries with a language barrier we would soon beat due to my fast paced talking and Viviana's determination to learn the great Long Island accent. (Her favorite american word?; SAUSAGEā€¦ most loved when pronounced by my mom, but that's a story best told in person.) 

When Viviana comes to NY it's as if we had never spent a day apart. I always get my [favorite spanish] word in edge wise ---- estacionamiento ---- and we laugh in spanish the entire time we are together (because laughing in spanish is SO much better than laughing in english, I promise) jajajajajajaja. 

To my Vivis --- I LOVE YOU! My top person, my big sis, my MEXICAN PRINCESS <3

PS, She is just as an amazing photographer as she is a human being www.vivianacardona.com