Nydiarose Vario

I'm a crier. I'm not sure if I'm an ugly crier in the moment, but my tears leave me ugly, flushed and swollen, for sure. But, last night… I think my eyes will be puffy for days.

At the beginning of the night I walked over to my sisters boyfriend.. "When do you want to do this?" He looked at me and said "Whenever you're ready." I honestly don't know which one of us was more nervous. 

I found my sister and insisted she come outside so I could figure out where to do family portraits. "Tell Mikey to come. I'll get a cute shot of the two of you." (My way of pleading because she never wants to be my stand in.)

I couldn't hold my camera steady. I took a few quick shots "Ok, I think that's good." (My  cue)

It took Myranda a moment to realize Mikey was next to her on one knee -- "Shit!" was all I heard my sister say when she finally looked over.. and that was the first time I started to cry.

The adults got their share of excitement when Myranda and Mikey went back inside and shared the news. Now it was the kids turn --- Santa arrives. (A family tradition since we were all babies.)

The first gift out of Santa's bag was for me and I immediately looked at my mom "I told you not to get me anything!" "It's not from me" she laughed.

Fast forward to me and my brother opening our gifts at the kitchen table. A message in a bottle, a baby bottle. Already my eyes are swollen and the tears are unstoppable. My sister is clearly six months pregnant (although I still think my belly is bigger than hers) --- a note from my first nephew, signed "Will you be my godmommy?" I didn't even say yes, I literally just cried. (Example of my post-tears swelling in the pic with my FUTURE BROTHER IN LAW!)

Welcome to the family Mikey! I can not wait to celebrate you two and the family you are building. I promise to love baby JJ unconditionally.

Baby JJ, Life Lesson #1 from your awesome Aunt --- You don't need to have rhythm to dance or a good voice to sing -- it actually makes it better for everyone if you're horrible at both (just like me.)